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Dr. Summer Reed. Why are so many people tired, drained, and lethargic nowadays?There are several reasons including specific foods eaten and not eaten, an underactive stomach which makes digesting food more difficult, constant stress which drains our adrenal glands  and most importantly sluggish blood, which results from eating sugar, animal products, and other non‐plant based foods.

Dr. Summer Reed. What are the most problematic foods that drain our energy?

Caffeine, sugar, and gluten/wheat are the most energy‐draining foods. The reason for this is that stimulate our adrenal glands into "fight or flight" – a default stress response that wreaks havoc on our blood sugar levels and overtime can wear down our adrenal glands, making it tough to handle any form stress. Wheat and gluten create more of systemic problem by attacking the gut lining, creating inflammation locally and throughout the body that provokes the immune system to respond, which further drains our precious energy reserves and can create other more serious issues like allergies and auto‐immune disorders.

Dr. Summer Reed. Which foods should we consume more regularly for all day energy?

Without a doubt, eating and drinking green vegetables is the easiest, quickest, and most sustainable way of feeling more energized. 

Dr. Summer Reed. In your book, you discuss how endocrine glands like the adrenals and thyroid become compromised, which further drains our energy. Is there a simple way, inexpensive way that we can use to see if these glands are suffering?

Yes, aside from lab testing, there’s a simple adrenal tests you can do at no cost right in the comfort of your own home. This will give you a good indication of whether or not your adrenals are working properly. The test is called the Pupilary Reflex Test. Here’s how to do it:
1. Stand in front of a mirror in a dark room.
2. Take a flashlight and shine the light into one eye at a 45 degree angle from the side.
3. Watch your pupil for 30 seconds.When in the dark, your pupil should naturally dilate to allow more light to enter. When you shine the light it should instinctively contract. The duration of the contraction can give you an indication of adrenal function.  Here’s what your findings could represent: Stays constricted for more than 20 seconds = healthy adrenal function

Pulses after ten seconds = decent adrenal function

Pulses after five seconds = poor adrenal function

Immediate pulsation and dilation = adrenal exhaustion

Dr. Summer Reed. What are a few things we can do to bring these "lethargic" glands back to life?

First, since the adrenal glands handle stress, we must learn manage stress more effectively.
Meditation, yoga, walking in nature, and deep breathing are all helpful. So too is the meaning we give to any particular situation.  
Supplementally, we can look at herbal aids like maca, rhodiola, ashwagandha, and licorice root, which are all well‐known to support healthy adrenal function and allow us to better handle stress. With time, the combination of these approaches, along with a clean energizing diet, can make a big difference at bringing our adrenals back to life.

Dr. Summer Reed. Why is the pH of our blood so important to energy and how does food impact that?

Rosie in Jamaica  

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Worn for just 15 minutes per treatment, the ZIIVAA® belt uses Adjustable Compression Technology™ to naturally relieve pain or discomfort during a woman’s menstrual cycle.

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Dr. Biden in Sierra Leone

Your bloodstream is a river of life, transporting oxygen to the cells that need it via your red blood cells. The whole process begins the minute you breathe. With each inhalation, air flows down to little air sacs at the bottom of your lungs called the alveoli. Here, the oxygen you just inhaled hitches a ride on your red blood cells almost as if it was taking a cab. These red blood cells then take it wherever it’sneeded, be it the cells in your heart, brain or any other organ.

However, when your red blood cells aren’t flowing as quickly and easily as they should, the cells throughout your body don’t receive the oxygen they need when they need it, and are unable to produce energy. As a result, you feel horrible and completely deprived of energy.
This dreaded traffic jam in your bloodstream occurs when your red blood cells are clumped together and this occurs when your blood becomes too acidic. Ideally, you want the pH of your blood to be slightly alkaline, just over the middle of the pH scale with a measurement of 7.35 to 7.45. Here, your blood is at the ideal point of balance that allows everything to function correctly. Unfortunately, much of our modern diet causes our blood to tip towards the acidic end of the pH scale,and this causes trouble for those regularly scheduled oxygen deliveries your cells rely on to produce energy.  

Meats, dairy, processed grains and sugars are all acidic foods, and eating too many of them turns yourblood acidic. Sadly, those foods make up much of what we tend to eat. Junk foods like cheeseburgers and ice cream are entirely made up of these acidic food types, but so are seemingly less troublesome foods like chicken alfredo and ham and cheese sandwiches. Come to think of it, there’s a good chance that most of what you ate today is comprised of acidic foods.

To maintain healthy, alkaline blood, your diet needs to consist of 80% alkaline‐forming foods. Theseare essentially vegetables and fruits, especially the green ones. 

Dr. Summer Reed. You stated in your book that we all have a "dirty daily" habit that drains our energy. Can you describe what this is?

Digestion is something we do every single day and rarely give any thought to it. And it is the "dirty daily" habit that robs so many people of the energy they crave. Just think back to your last Thanksgiving dinner and remember how lethargic yoou felt afterwards. That’s how eating too much or the wrong kinds of foods can leave you feeling.

Dr. Summer Reed. What are 3 things we can do to improve our digestive function and intestinal health?

The first thing to remember is that it’s taken years for us to abuse our stomachs and digestive systems, and thus it can take quite some time (weeks or months) to bring them back to life.  

First, we want to become more mindful when we eat. We want to be present with our food and not distracted by TV, driving, or other inputs. This is important since stress shuts down the innervation and blood flow to the digestive tract, which compromises proper digestion. Eating a relaxed state is imperative.

Second, starting your meal with a lukewarm glass of lemon water can help get your stomach’s digestive juices going.

Third, consider supplementing with a digestive enzyme and/or hydrochloric acid to alleviate the demands on your digestive tract.

Dr. Summer Reed. Is it true that certain forms of exercise can actually drain our energy? If so, which ones and how should we exercise instead?

Most people don’t consider this but exercise IS a form of stress. As a result, our adrenal glands are affected in much the same as they are from caffeine, financial stress, or being chased by a crazy dog.  The form of exercise which is most damaging is frequent, high intensity exercise, which is "insane" workouts like CrossFit are a disaster waiting to happen for most people. Don’t get me wrong, intense exercise is the key to burning more fat and improving your fitness but it needs to be done sporadically 2-3 times per week to avoid burning out your adrenals and your body.  Giving your body ample rest in addition to adding in other forms of exercise like yoga or strength training with plenty of rest between sets is key.

Dr. Summer Reed. How does stress hurt our energy and what are 3 ways to mitigate so we can feel better?

Stress hurts our energy because, over time, it depletes our adrenal glands. Thus, we have to look at ways to mitigating how we perceive stress in an effort to lessen the burden on our adrenals.

First, gratitude journaling is one of the most effective ways to easing stress and boosting your overall levels of happiness.

Second, spending more time in nature has been well documented to relieve stress and even depression.

Third, aerobic exercise is one of the most powerful things we can do. Doing any type of exercise that elevates your heart rate to a point where you hear yourself "huffing and puffing" is powerful.

Do not worry.

Worry is a form of thinking that can be stressful if taken to extremes. Key features of worry are that it is repetitive and non-productive. When we are worrying, we are thinking about something over and over again but do not resolve the situation or arrive at a solution to the problem. When we continually think about the exam that will be given next week and imagine many distressing outcomes yet do not study or do something to release the tension, we are worrying. When a close friend or family member is late and we begin to imagine all variety of accidents that may have befallen them, we are worrying. There are many techniques that can help you control your worry.

¨ Shift your focus of attention away from your worry. Practice "Thought Stopping" telling yourself to STOP your current thought and shift you focus to another more pleasing thought (a day at the beach.)

¨ Learn physical and mental relaxation through techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, imagery or meditation.

¨ Write down your worries. Sometimes, the act of writing worries down allows you to let go of the circular worry process.

¨ Schedule a time for worrying. When a worry comes to mind, tell yourself you will worry about it at a specific time (say 6 PM) and shift your focus to something else. At 6 PM, make sure you take fifteen or twenty minutes to examine your worries from the day.

Recommended Reading:

The Worry Control Workbook. By Mary Ellen Copeland, Oakland, CA: New Harbinger, 1998.


What is Holographic Healing?

Holographic Healing of Ancestral DNA is vibrational healing at the cutting edge. The techniques take you to your deepest self, where your ancestral stories are stored. As you discover the beliefs and feelings of the past, you will have the key to the present, the driving force behind your thoughts and emotions creating your life today. Unlock your past and create your present, and your future, as you want it. These techniques have tools to assist you in the holographic repair and replacement of many genes including: the depression gene, the fear gene, the obesity gene, the aging gene, the anger gene, the phobia gene, plus many more. These tools can help you to bring into balance the vibrational patterns of hormone levels, including melatonin (sleep), serotonin (depression), adrenalin (ADHD), leptin (obesity) and others. These techniques have been designed to meet the individual health and emotional needs of each individual and can address individual conditions such as dyslexia, diabetes, and other specific health or emotional issues.

Over the next decade, the focus of health care will widen to include greater emphasis on prevention rather than allowing dis-ease to develop until treatment is required. The breakthrough has been in identifying genes and their function. Genes play an essential role in the human condition. They make you unique and individual. What is truly amazing is you can now enhance, improve and even change your genetic makeup! Cutting edge research has indisputably linked specific genes to behavioral traits such as anger, anxiety, grief, sadness and happiness. As scientists have identified and mapped every gene in the human body, we have the key to this map and, with these tools, you will be taking a look at your personal genetic code to meet your individual health and emotional needs , allowing individuals to work on conditions such as mortality, health, fidelity, co-dependency, scarcity, abundance, or other specific health and emotional needs.

As your cells, chromosomes, DNA, and genes are repaired and healed, you will move into a higher intelligence. With your additional ten multiple, heavenly strands activated, you become connected once more to your higher self, taking you out of darkness and confusion, giving you a DNA roadmap to becoming whole and complete.

Genetic Mandala Technique

Each gene is unique, each with its own individual talent, but each gene is also dependent and attached to the functions or talents of other genes, which we call the Gene Team. Also, the genes function with the aid of a series of genetic switches. These switches are activated for cellular repair. Whether certain genes are turned off or turned on is critical to the health of the body. When a switch senses that a cell is functioning with a defect, it turns itself off and halts the cycle of the defective cell. The cell replication stops and the DNA is then able to repair itself. The gene switches operate like an orchestra, where each instrument has its own function and comes in and out of the composition when called for. This action creates the symphony of the orchestra as well as the symphony of a healthy body. In this technique you will be working with the energetic gene team. Meet the gene team: The Promoter, The Enhancer, The Silencer, The Regulator, The Controller, The Designer, and The Positioner, The Undertaker, The Performer and the Watchmaker.

The Five Geometries of Balance

To activate the memory in each cell to advance to the next level of evolution, the healing powers of complex geometric patterning will be used. The five geometries of healing allow geometric alignment for creating balance in allergies, toxins, and emotions. This techniques works with the five platonic solids, the cube, the tetrahedron, the octahedron, the icosahedron and the dodecahedron.

Energetic Microbial Balancing

With viruses, the old protocol was to wage an all out attack against them. As we move into accelerated healing, the war against viruses can be replaced with understanding. The reason viruses run amuck at the genetic level is because portions of the genetic makeup have been deleted or mutated, with immune non-recognition the result. Tetrahedral Symmetry will be used to change the instruction code of the virus, and awaken the appropriate immune function.

Balancing Allergies

Another tool in this technique is a process for bringing all allergies into balance. There have been great results working on food allergies from sugar to fruits and nuts, allergies to pets, pollen, wheat, dairy, fungus and mold.

HHM 2014