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In 1985 when I was working as an Emergency Room physician in Needles California, something happened I will never forget. The ER had 6 cubicles. I went into cubicle 6 in which there was an elderly woman who needed a routine refill of her hypertensive meds. As part of a routine refill interview I was required to inquire into her cardiac history. She smiled an asked if she could tell me a story. I agreed of course. She said that she had had a massive heart attack the previous year and that she had actually died on the ER table. She related that she had literally left her body and floated above the ER room near the ceiling.

She saw the doctors shocking her and starting IVs in her arms etc. At that point she told me that a white light appeared behind her, and that she entered it. Inside of it she said that she met her dead husband, sister and brother who had been dead for years. She added that the experience was utterly beautiful and that she wanted to stay with them but that a voice which she interpreted as being God-spoke to her telling her that it was not yet her time to die and that she was to return to the physical world and remember this experience and pass it on to others. She said that she next awoke on the ER table in great pain from being shocked so many times with the cardiac resuscitator-but that she survived. She told me that she could tell that I was a spiritual young man and she just wanted me to hear her story and to know that God, and Heaven were very real and that the Soul most definitely survives after death. I thanked her and she asked if she could hug me I said yes, we hugged and I thanked her again for caring about me enough to tell me her wonderful story.

I wrote out her prescriptions and left the cubicle. I saw another patient..and then about 20 minutes or so alter went to cubicle 1 on the other side of the ER . In this space was a middle aged woman who was there for routine refill of fairly powerful pain meds. Before refilling these controled subsances as the ER physician I was required to ask what medical history the patient had that would justify them taking such very strong pain relievers.

To my surprise, she asked if she could tell me a story. I agreed. She said that the previous winter she was driving on the local interstate and had a horrible head-on hi speed collision in which her car was overturned and he was ejected onto the pavement.. She related to me that she actually died at the scene of the accident and that the paramedics attempted CPR at the scene as they loaded her into an ambulance. She said that she rose from her body and saw the entire episode from above the freeway. She followed her body in the ambulance back to the local ER where she was shocked repeatedly and the ER doctors attempted resuscitation shocking her a total of 17 times as she slipped in and out of a stable rhythm. She described a magnificent white light which appeared behind her into which she walked. There she met her dead relatives including a sister, her father and mother. She described this experience as unimaginably wonderful but that "the voice of God" told her that she was going to return to her body in order to resume her life and that she would remember this experience in order to relate it to others. She said that she didnt know why, but that she felt she needed to tell me about this so that I would know that God was real from someone who had actually experienced it. She asked if she could hug me and we did. I thanked her for taking the time to tell me this and went to the nurses station to complete her paperwork. (in my mind I was quite astonished at the amazing coincidence of hearing 2 such unusual stories in the same day)

As I was sitting in the nursing station- the first elderly patient from cubicle 6 had finally received her prescriptions & her discharge papers and was exiting the ER. She asked me which way to the parking lot and I offered to escort her. She took my arm and we walked out of the ER. At that point she turned to me and asked if she could go back in to the ER for a moment that she had forgotten something. We turned back and she went to cubicle #1 where the pain med refill patient was. She went up to this woman -who was a complete stranger to her and said.

"I can tell, you've been there too, haven't you? You've been to heaven too!"

The lady in cubicle 1 answered "why yes..yes I have...yes I certainly have!"

The two women embraced and they both told me never to forget this experience and to remember it and share it with others whom I might encounter later in my life whom I thought would be receptive to its meaning. I resumed escorting the first patient out to her car. I have never forgotten this experience and it is in memory of this, (and several other unusual events of this nature that I have been blessed to witness).. that I wear the multiple plastic bracelets on my left arm. They are there so that I always remind myself that I have been blessed with these experiences and so that I dont forget them and what I feel they are trying to show me - which I personally choose to see as God urging me to do my very best to live a spiritual life, to do my best to help others and live up to unusual occurrences like these, and never take them for granted.

Michael McBay MD

Run or Dye San Francisco

Every Run or Dye event works closely with a local charity to ensure that the good they do can keep going in your community.

The finish line!

I am a proud wife of an Army man who has served for over 18 years, we have two daughters 20 & 7. March 2012, my husband deployed for his 5th deployment. Before he left he told me to get my Mammo done. I had never had a mammo and being 41 years old I knew I was playing with fire. I made my apt and it was performed in Mid April. I received a phone call a few days later, they needed to repeat it due to suspicious findings...that is normal for my first one I thought...A few days after the second mammo, I was called and told that we needed to biopsy the area...At this point I begin to get scared my husband was down range, our 20 year old was at college and our 6 year old looked to me for her stability, I knew I had to pull it together. The biopsy was performed and they confirmed that yes it was cancer and we needed to take action. The hardest part was my husband asking me how the testing went and I had to tell him over the phone " I have cancer". I heard nothing but silence for what seemed like forever.My PCM told me we are bringing your husband home and I explained to her that wasn't needed, I could handle this, what I wasn't aware of was she had my cervical results I was facing not just breast cancer, my cervix was precancerous. My husband returned in May and we had a lumpectomy, radiation and I take medicine for 5 years. In February of this year, we had another scare in the other breast. After much research we have opted to move forward with a dble mastectomy and reconstruction surgery in September 2013. I am thankful that I have these options available to me. No matter what I have been through or going to go through, I am the most blessed woman. With my amazing husband and two wonderful daughters with me I can conquer the world!! Never lose your faith.

Misti Field
Killeen, TX